You Need to Know NOW!

You Need to
Know NOW!

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Receive Local
Emergency Alerts

Know NOW! Home Screen

Automatically receive emergency Alerts from verified Groups in your area like city, county or state emergency management agencies. These Alerts, which are delivered in-App and as push notifications, can include text, maps, documents, video or audio to give maximum context to every message.

Follow Multiple
Alert Groups

Know NOW! Alert Screen

Aside from local Alerts, you may want to track events in other areas. Whether you work in another state, have a child at university or simply want to keep up with a faraway crisis, Know NOW! allows users to follow up to three Alert Groups. You can even follow unlimited Groups with Know NOW! Plus.

See Alerts and Groups
on the Map

Know NOW! Map Screen

As well as receiving your Alerts, you can also see every active Alert for your chosen Groups on the in-App Alert Map. On top of this, the Group Map also allows you to see every participating Know NOW! Group across the nation, along with any active Alerts they may have.

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Know NOW! FAQ Button
Know NOW! FAQ Button
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